Blown By the East Wind – Getting Started!

Thanks to funding from the Arts Council I have embarked on a project to develop my skills and knowledge in Balkan Music and playing of the kaval, and end blown flute widely played through the balkans and further east.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions a lot of what I had planned in 2019 had to be postponed, but now things are possible I have started work.

My project comprises the following activities

Visit Isabelle Courroy, kaval player with French band Aksak, in the Luberon region in the south of France

Visit Filip Arilon in Veles, Macedonia and search out local traditional music in the Maceodonian countryside and at festivals.

Attend the folklore festival at Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria. This festival brings together over 12,000 performers from all over Bulgaria, making it one of the biggest festivals in Europe! On the same visit, I will attend the annual Folk Seminar in Plovdiv and arrange private study with Kiril Belezhkov, who is currently teaching me online.

Study balkan music and performance skills with Susi Evans, multi-instrumentalist from London/Hanover. Susi will coach me individually but also spend time helping my band Boom Bike Bourree add some balkan street music to their repertoire.

Follow this Blog at to find out what I have been learning.


Welcome to my new website!

About Me

I am a musician and teacher based in Lancaster, North West England. My interest and expertise lies in traditional folk music from Europe and the British Isles. I am an experienced workshop leader in schools and communities.

I teach piano accordion, piano and singing and perform as a piano accordion player both for listening and dance events. On this website you will find pages on the regular groups I run (singing and instrumental), workshops I can run in schools, and the bands I perform in.

I hope to hear from you!

Sian playing with a local musician on the beach in San Salvador, Brazil

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