New Orchestra in Folkus

This group is run by Folkus, the Folk Arts Network in the North West of England. There is a regular monthly rehearsal which we have recently been holding in Garstang Library.  We are developing a repertoire based on traditional folk tunes and songs, many local to the North-West of England.  We have performed at concerts and hope to also play for ceilidh dancing in the future. For more information, get in touch with Sian via the contact page on this web site or phone Austen 0779 419 7680.



Some of the tunes we play can be found below so you can have a play through before coming to the session.

Jimmy Allen / Gallopede / Green Ship Set

Download (PDF, 50KB)

Female Rake / Spanish Jig / Matthew Briggs Set

Download (PDF, 71KB)

Washing Day

We are using the Arrangement by Laurel Swift from the EFDSS web site, skip to page 10.

Download (PDF, 4.55MB)


Voulez-vous Dancer Mademoiselle (Oats and Beans) and Greensleeves Jig

The Laurel Swift arrangement of “Oats and Beans” is taken from the same PDF as Washing day (above) but is transposed here to fit with the version of Greensleeves.

Download (PDF, 54KB)

Greensleeves is the traditional tune for the Wyresdale dance which has been revived in the Lancaster area.


Lancashire Hornpipe and Iron Legs

Download (PDF, 28KB)

Horses Bransle Set

Download (PDF, 34KB)

Keswick Bonnie Lasses and the Elterwater Hornpipe

Download (PDF, 40KB)

Rolling Home

Download (PDF, 41KB)

Bishop of Chester’s Jig and the Peacock followed the Hen

Download (PDF, 31KB)

Jack Lintel’s Jig

Download (PDF, 24KB)

The arrangement we play is based on the Bellowhead version, have a listen here

Cobblers and Old Lancashire Hornpipes

Download (PDF, 23KB)